Imagine for a second...

.....feeling inspired and energised by your work, feeling connected to what you're doing and excited about your future  Imagine simply doing work that aligns with your personal strengths and values...

You can have this!  You don't have to, and shouldn't, spend your time feeling trapped, uninspired and flat as a pancake about your job.  Life is way too short.

But, I've been there, I know it feels overwhelming, if not impossible, to figure out what to do, and I know making a big change feels like a big risk.  But you have to ask yourself, what's the alternative?  Staying put and looking forward to a life of working in jobs that pay the bills but suck your soul dry?  You deserve more than that, and I'm guessing you want more than that.

This is for you if you're ready to...

  • Accept that you don't have to do a job that at best is a bit meh, and at worst makes you miserable
  • Create time and space in your life to get super clear on who you are & what's important to you 
  • Make changes so that you can be happy in your work & pursue a career that makes sense for who you are, as a whole human being
  • Do the work!  Are you ready to commit to the process so that you can get the absolute best out of our time working together?  

If you said a big fat YES to ALL of the above and want to know HOW . it's like this:

Figure It Out - 6 week coaching plan

During this programme we will get crystal clear on your personal values (the stuff you care about), your strengths (you already have lots of them) & your interests 

Explore options that align with the above (imagine doing work that interests you & that you care about!!)

Develop confidence and work through any uneasy feelings that can come with change

Make a plan, take real steps forward, curate the career you want

CV/application and interview preparation as needed (I've got nearly a decade of HR & Recruitment experience too)

Most importantly, you'll learn how to tune in to what's right for you (and how to get it), throughout the twists and turns of your career (and life) way after our coaching sessions have finished


6 - 60-90 minute - coaching sessions (dependng on location & preference these can be face to face, over the phone, or on Skype/Zoom)

E-mail support throughout - so that if you have any questions, worries or revelations you don't have to wait a whole week to talk them through

I'll be sharing resources which might benefit you, as well as lots of encouragement, support and inspiration - I will be with you on this journey

A little bit of independent work - a lot of the magic happens in between sessions when you've time to reflect on our session.  Expect to commit 60-90 minutes per week for this.

I know your journey doesn't end when we finish our 6th coaching session, that's why:

You'll have the option to purchase an additional 2 sessions at just £40 per each.  After all, you might have interviews to prepare for, confidence levels to build on, and exciting decisions to make!

And - COMING SOON:  you'll be welcomed in to a private members only facebook group, where you can expect to receive ongoing support, encouragement and tools to help you continue to move forward in just the right way for you.  Watch this space.


Bespoke 2 hour intensive

If you don't feel like the awesome 6 week Figure It Out plan is quite right for you at this stage, then maybe a Bespoke 2 hour Intensive session can help?

Whether you:

  • Know what you want but need help getting there OR
  • Have no idea what to do & just want some clarity & direction OR
  • Would like help building your confidence OR
  • Want to nail your interviews/applications or
  • There's something else specific you want to work on

During this session we can focus in on whatever area you feel really stuck with or just really need some help with right now..


Initial call - so that I can understand exactly what the focus is

Tailored pre-session work so that we can make sure we get the absolute maximum out of this session

Post-session work for you so that you can keep on track


Working with Carys has been one of the best personal development decisions I have made. I left each session feeling uplifted, motivated and with a clearer career path in mind. Her holistic approach was exactly what I was looking for and I look forward to working with her again in the future!

June, Scotland