Coaching to help you feel happier at work

Are you exhausted by the effort of "looking" like you know what you're doing?  Constantly fearful that they (your boss, colleagues, HR) are going to realise what a mistake they made hiring you?  Always wondering if what you've done is good enough, and spending your evenings worrying that tomorrow you'll go to work and discover that you dropped an enourmous ball?

Is your mind swirling with the million things you're expected to do?  Do you start the day being positive, determined to smash through your tasks, but 2 hours in find you've got more, rather than less, on your to-do list?  Is your inbox stressing you out, and do you wish you could switch off when you get home?  Do you feel depleted and exhausted most of the time?

Are there tricky dynamics in your team that are having a negative impact on you/your colleagues?  Are your team demotivated, or are you finding being with them demotivating and draining?!  Do you find it hard to communicate with your manager(s), stakeholders, team members or colleagues?

Are you thinking about next steps and wondering how to move forwards, and in quite what direction?  Do you feel like management is the obvious next step, but not one your keen on?  Would you like to start building your skills, and finding opportunities to demonstrate your strengths, so that you'll be best placed when promotions come up?

Is there something else that's bringing you down at work?  Something you feel could be improved, changed, developed, to bring you more happiness in your role and at work?


  • Pre-coaching questions - so that I can get an understanding of what our coaching focus is
  • x4 Coaching sessions, spread out as needed.  1 hour per session.  Face to face (location dependant), online, or over the phone
  • E-mail support in between sessions, so that you can share any challenges, celebrate wins and ask questions (or just have a rant if needed!)  I'm really here for you
  • Resources that I feel may be helpful to you now and in the future
  • Future discounted rates: £89 per session for any further coaching sessions

Pricing: £495

(Can be split over 2 payments at no extra cost)

"My sessions with Carys have been hugely rewarding. After 11 years of running my own business I had never taken the time out to learn about myself and what my key strengths are. Our time together not only helped me to show me what I bring to my business, it has really helped to build my confidence too. I absolutely loved my time working with Carys and look forward to working together again in the future"

Nicola, Oxfordshire (Happier at Work Coaching Package)