What if you did work that you love, that aligns with your strengths, & supports the lifestyle you want? No, really!

Hi! I'm so pleased you're here

I coach people who want more from their job than paying the bills & living for the weekend

This isn't about filling out some kind of generic questionnaire that chucks out a load of random jobs,  It's also not about finding your "one true passion" or "calling". .  

This is about knowing who you are and when you're at your best, so that you can find work that inspires and energises you.  It's about knowing what kind of life you want .and what's really important to you, so that you can explore career paths that support these.  It's also about building the confidence and conviction to move forward, in just the right way for you.

Working together

Do you want to start doing the whole work thing more intentionally, according to who you are, what you're good at & what you love?  

A little pick me up

Photos, blogs, links, podcasts, quotes.....anything I think might inject a little inspiration and positivity into your day, or life

My story

If you're curious to know a little about me and the path that lead me here, grab a cuppa and head this way

"Working with Carys was just what I needed to find clarity and confidence in my own values. The work we did together gave me huge insight into what is important to me in my professional and personal life and Carys was great at suggesting activities I could do to build on these things further. I left each session with Carys feeling inspired and with a desire to create and seek more of what was important to me. My confidence has grown throughout the process and, with input from Carys, I have found new ways to support and value myself so I can be who I want to be. Thank you Carys for your time, your listening ear and your guidance. You arrived in my life at a perfect time!"

Emma - Northamptonshire