Grab a cuppa, let's get to know each other a little better

Hello, it's lovely to meet you

I'm Carys, free spirited, curious, and compassionate.  Lover of adventures, kindness and freedom. 

And a big believer in living our lives according to who we are and what’s important to us.

It sounds so simple and obvious right?  So why are so many of us not doing that? 

Maybe it's because:

  • We don't ask ourselves the important questions - Who am I?  What am I good at?  What kind of life do I want? 
  • Chances are, no one else asked us those questions when we were growing up, or through education, either
  • We're only looking at one shelf in the "career shop" - we don't know what our options are
  • We think that some jobs are off-limits for us, we don't believe we have the ability, or the right, to pursue some career paths 
  • It's safe, and we're scared to make changes in case they don't work out either
  • We're crippled by self-doubt, imposter syndrome and overwhelm


I was definitely not one of those people who knew what I was destined for or wanted to do, in fact I never had a clue.  

EXCEPT, looking back, I had many clues, I just didn't have the tools or knowledge to tap into those, identify my strengths or know where my interests could take me. And the result was me drifting around various jobs for a while, frustration, confusion and a total lack of any understanding about how I could use my natural talents to improve my own happiness and contribute in a bigger, more satisfying way.

But now I do have the tools & knowledge, and I'm passionate about helping others, who are right where I used to be.

I've been coaching since summer 2017.  I have a Certificate in Life Coaching, and a Diploma in Coaching from Warwick University.  I also hold a certificate in Performance Coaching and have had the pleasure of coaching secondary school pupils and Uni leavers through to mums, career changers and fellow freedom seekers.  I have a thirst for learning - seriously, I'd spend my life (and life savings!) on courses if I could - & have most recently taken a Positive Psychology Foundation Course.  I've got my eye on a Positive Psychology Diploma next :-) 

Before I moved in to coaching, I spent 10 years in HR & Recruitment, so I also know all about great interviews & CV's that stand out, and I've seen how people flourish in jobs that actually suit them!  

I receive regular coaching supervision and attend many coaching forums because I want to be able to offer the very best coaching experience to my clients and ensure I stay up to date with coaching developments.

Oh, and I LOVE what I do!

I know the difference between doing a job just for the wonga, and doing something that really brings happiness (yes, work can and does do that!).  And that's why I'm here doing this, because I'm passionate about helping others find & develop fulfilling careers too. 

But it wasn't always like this.  To get here I had to face up to what wasn't working: the stuff everyone else seemed to be doing, the corporate career ladder, the mortgage ladder, the juggling childcare & rushing around like a blue arsed fly.  I was doing all the things I was supposed to be doing at my age.  The problem?  It wasn't me!  But it took me some difficult times, some tears, and some help to realise and accept that.  And it took some courage to walk a different path.

So, I swapped the office job for being self employed & spending more time with my son, & back in summer 2018 we swapped the house & mortgage for a narrowboat.  But it's not just the big stuff that's changed, it's so many other little things too,  I got clear on my values and swapped conformity & convention for freedom, fulfilment & connection. 

If you want to know more about my journey head this way:

A few fun facts about me:

  1. One day I’d like to live in a caravan or on a boat.- update: I do live on a boat now!
  2. I value freedom - time freedom, financial freedom, inner freedom. Conformity and convention make me feel hemmed in.
  3. Walking soothes my mind, body and soul
  4. I've moved house a lot & I CRAVE adventure - there's gypsy in my blood somewhere I'm sure
  5. I love watching squirrels, they're funny little f**kers aren't they!

Thank you for the coaching today, it genuinely uplifts me.  You are very encouraging, insightful and uplifting.

Oli, Devon (Figure it out, 6 week coaching programme)